Nutritional Support

MIC-Ultra Weight Loss & Nutritional Support Program

An all-natural, holistic nutritional support program for weight loss and well-being.


We offer the MIC-Ultra Weight Loss Program at A Touch of Health Center. The MIC-Ultra Weight Loss Program includes the MIC–Ultra with B-12 weekly nutritional injection combined with regular exercise guidance, and a low carbohydrate, small portion diet to promote weight loss. Used together, most individuals should experience regular weight loss and an increased of energy, while receiving the extra nutritional support for optimal well-being.


Your initial consultation includes a packet where you will find an informational sheet on the MIC–Ultra with B-12 nutritional injection describing each of the key ingredients and how it works to promote increased energy and weight loss in a safe manner. The injections are recommended to be used on a weekly basis for three months and then can be taken monthly to help encourage weight loss along with a healthy diet and exercise plan.


It is absolutely necessary that a healthy, low carbohydrate diet and regular exercise be used with the MIC-Ultra Weight Loss Program to assist in weight loss!


Here at A Touch of Health Center, the MIC-Ultra Weight Loss Program is supervised by Rita Neumann, AP, who is both a registered nurse and an acupuncture physician. If you are not already a patient at our center, we will need to obtain a brief medical history from you and review it to ensure that you are in good enough health to begin the program.


The cost of the MIC-Ultra Weight Loss program is $20/injection. Please call A Touch of Health Center at (813) 254-1998 for an appointment.